Mental Health Challenges are pervasive more than they are perverse.   The major difference between "Us" and "Them" is the self-identification as someone that has these challenges.  This and other reasons for stigma are touched on here:  Killing The Stigma

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Why use the offensive term "Defective"?  Because we have a sense of humor and don't take it all so seriously.  Because we're a bit irreverant.  Because when people use these types of playfully self-depricating terms, we identify and think (and sometimes blurt out) "me too"... which is what people have been saying when they see us in our shirts!  (Yes, they're for sale! - see sidebar ------>)

It IS a good question, and we do try to answer it.  See below.  Literally just a couple inches below.  Don't get lost on the way.

What do you see out in the world?

So...I watched a little TV today and caught two things that stuck out in my psyche as being...well...unexpected.  And, I'm not saying they really should've been "unexpected", because they really are true symptoms of current American culture and times...but, I keep giving our world more credit than it deserves, so the strangeness was clearly a symptom of my half-assed denial.

The first thing was a political talk show where they were discussing happiness and how Americans, while they consider themselves less happy these days (the point of the moderator), are actually statistically happier (the point of the guest) based on a recent study.

What the fuck kind of nonsense is this?
Just wait...

The recent study asked people if they're happy on their birthdays, thanksgiving, and other holidays.  People said yes.  This was the study done, accordng to this guy.  What. The. Fuck?

So...people are happier these days, as evidenced by this study?  Really?  Or... is this a poorly executed attempt at trying to convince the American public that things are better than they are?  That sounds pretty plausible when considering the current administration and the tactics employed to sway the masses.

Then...I caught part of an attempt by an American preacher to raise money.  Send in your "$1000 seed" to reap "the Lord's harvest" - and you can be one of the lucky, lucky people to take this opportunity. 

Interestingly, they did flash a disclaimer across the screen that "God's blessings" were not necessarily guaranteed for every caller and donation.

This is real.
Now imagine being from anywhere else and seeing these things.  What does it say about us as a nation, as a society, or as people that we have not only let this happen - but have nurtured it to be part of our culture and everyday life?

What changes need to be made and what are you going to do about it?

Happy new year!

Take care.  Seriously.


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A little about Defective Magazine...

We are a Seattle-based publication focusing on mental health awareness and its related issues, mainly reducing stigma for the people living with mental health issues, encouraging community by showing the vast involvement of people that self-identify as having a mental health or substance use diagnosis, and encouraging the role of peer support in the field of mental health recovery, and to help all maintain personal hope and a sense of support from a community tailor-made to provide this type of support.

Why "Defective"?

Because "damage", atleast in the old Punk-rawk sense, means what's happened to you, what's been caused by living rough or outside the norm. It's the scars and the coping mechanisms, the stories that we all share around the fire in the trash can in the middle of the park at night.

We'll cover things that would fall under the heading of "damage", of course.  What we're focusing on, however, is how we're shipped from the factory. Not a choice. Not damaged in transit...but, something inherent - like a chemical imbalance, like addictive issues. The things that can be moderated with the intellect, but can't be intellect-ed away.

We're called all sorts of names...but, we'd rather be considered "defective" instead, since we're working on reducing our "damage".